Saturday, December 25, 2004

Kittens' First Christmas

Yesterday, we had a repeat of printer stand cliff diving, only this time Billy fell off without help from his brother (or anyone else). Clearly, the wheels on that stand make it unsuitable for catnaps.

But Santa loves our kids.

The boys got a new condo, an adult height one that at 78 inches required the help of a Santa's elf (a PetCo junior manager and his truck) to get it to the kitten farm. Tiger Tower now owns the official condo site in the hall. After shuffling other condos around, the shortest condo (which is about the height of the printer stand, but catnap approved) has moved into my office.

In addition, Emily got a new fountain for her suite; this lets us move the original fountain downstairs and hopefully away from the high traffic and litter box which causes endless grit ending up in the bowl as soon we clean it.

1 comment:

  1. And all Millie got was a catnip mouse. Next year we'd better have her write a letter to Santa.