Sunday, December 12, 2004

Living Dangerously

I petted Emily wrong this morning. I don't know if it was body language or just bad timing (she had just mixed it up with Catzilla again).

How I know it was wrong?

Because she almost [expletive] took the left side of my face off with her right hook, and no, it was not velvet paws. That's the third time in ~ 2 months she's swung for the fences when disturbed, and if she keeps it up she could nail my eye, even though I wear glasses.

For those of you who knew Bluegrass Sister's cat Radar, picture giving him a tummy rub ... with his usual response (which was to pounce on the hand out of the blue) being directed at the side of your face.

This is on top of the boys scratching various less important moving parts of both Katherine and I in the last few days. However, none of of those events were meant as attacks, but rather things like extended paws hooking fingers instead of a kitty treat (trust me, he wanted the treat), or silly humans accidently imposing their legs between a mighty hunter and the cat teaser.

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