Saturday, February 19, 2005

Food for Thought

Several kitten diet milestones ...

We have been slowing moving the boys to eating Emily's dry food; this has been going for about week as we run out of kitten kibble.

The night of their birthday (Thursday), I cracked open an official can of IAMS adult cat food for the boys. Not kitten food, not Active Maturity, but honest adult food.

They hated it of course, and expressed their displeasure by wolfing it down like it was ... well ... kitten canned food. (Those two are a pair of Hoovers when eating wet food.) They may not notice, but I like knowing I can give them some variety.

And finally ...

No whoops this time.

With Emily and boys eating the same dry food, we've are now leaving the buffet (dry food) down 24 hours. Open all night and all that.

Maybe that will get us less meowing at 7 AM.

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