Sunday, February 20, 2005

Weekend Stench: Too Much of a Good Thing?

While I was busy proofreading my previous post, Emily was busy throwing up on the floor in my office. (Can you say, priority interrupt?)

This was no spittle, this was her entire breakfast. Enough said (if not too much). Of course, the boys came charging to investigate -- we locked them in her suite while we sorted things out.

We are doing what we always do, which is clean up the mess, make a note here in the Lab Notebook, and ignore the source unless it becomes a pattern.

Added bonus: I should know better, but I used a paper towel roll as a traffic cone around the drying spot in my office. Billy, when released, promptly used it as a cat toy/practice prey. I rescued the roll before I had confetti all over the office, it's now replaced by a Hiss of Doom dispenser (can of compressed air).

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