Sunday, February 20, 2005

Photo Puppy Extra: Rory

As previously noted, before we were kitten farm we were a puppy farm.

Syracuse is a puppy farm too, with Blue (in residence some seven years), Winnie the Paws (an extended visitor last year), and now the lovely Rory.


Her full name is Aurora (or Rora, to become Rory as she gets accustomed to it). She will be 6 years old in May. A friend is getting married and moving and can't take the Aurora with her, so the Syracuse puppy farm adopted her. She is a giant malamute, all white and gentle as a lamb, which is a very good thing as she is 115 lbs!

Blue gets along pretty well with Rory, too.

p.s. Emily says so long as they don't visit here, we can post all the family dog pictures we want.

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