Tuesday, October 25, 2005

0.3 ml for you, and 0.3 ml for you, and ...

The boys are really annoyed about being used as training dummies for giving medicine via a syringe into the mouth. So annoyed they both let me try again immediately. Most be something to do with my using 1% milk to practice with.

On a more serious note ...

I just gave Emily her evening Tagamet (which I'm generally afraid to do) and a kitty treat.

I don't know if I hit the spot with Tagamet.

I know she ate the kitty treat, because she threw it up less than ten minutes later. Not good.

Later ...

It gets worse. That was a second (double) dose I gave Emily, Katherine had already given her her evening Tagamet.

At least Emily (for now) has kept dinner down.

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