Wednesday, October 12, 2005

You want me to use that?

For reasons known only to her dilute calico self, Emily has decided that she doesn't like the closet litterbox. This presents a problem, since that's the only one she has access to when eating. (For those just joining us, she eats in the bedroom to keep the boys from annoying her and/or raiding her food.) We've found some sort of mess in there just about every day this week.

After much frustration, we've decided the problem is that the closet litterbox is the most heavily used one in the house. If cleaning and food service are not properly synchronized, she'll decide the box is too dirty to use. Or, she'll use it once with no trouble, then go back to it a short time later and decide it is too dirty, what with that fresh waste and all.

The problem may have been exacerbated by the migration of the hallway litterbox. It's en route to the closet, but is currently at the top of the stairs outside my office. Her majesty appears to prefer a bit more privacy. So. We'll be expediting the move to the closet, thereby nearly doubling the available litter area.

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