Sunday, October 16, 2005


With all of Emily's problems including her weight loss, it was time to get a more accurate scale than the human's bathroom scale we use to measure all the four footed ones with.

I had previously been online and seen an array of pet and infant scales (it seems the same devices serve both groups).

When I checked in person at PetCo, they didn't have a scale, but someone suggested Bed Bath & Beyond. I checked their web site and yes, they had one. I went down to the nearest store (where I have never been, I've always been to the location I knew about near a mall). I found myself in shopping nirvana, with a pet store, Bed Bath & Beyond, an office supply store, cell phone store ...

Unfortunately, the Bed Bath & Beyond didn't have the scale, it appears to be a online only option.

However, the shopping nirvana also included a Babies"R"Us, which has (Ta da) baby scales. I found a nice low one with a pan big enough to hold Catzilla (and kitty treat lure); Emily could bring a friend her size if she wanted to.

If only making a our little girl healthy was as easy.

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