Monday, June 26, 2006

The (Cleanup) Beat Goes On

Just so we remember our place in this organization, Whitey gave me a hairball to clean up Friday night. We know it was him because Katherine almost tripped over him in the upstairs hall one minute, and literally the next minute when I came through there it was.

Billy was downstairs for this tiny window, so he's in the clear. This time.

We're relieved by the way. Emily had real diagnosed medical problems for over a year, and for time for a last week was getting both her special diet and seven doses of various prescriptions a day. But we also noticed her increased litter box issues as a sign of her worsening condition without proving they were all actually hers. (We knew many were). With her gone, the issues are gone as well, so we did make not a horrible mistake in blaming her for issues with one of the boys.

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