Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Last Supper Lunch

Emily's last day was not all gloom.

We cleaned up various items from her residency when we got back from the vet. This included retrieving her upstairs food dish.

Now, Emily's food has been coveted by Billy and Whitey since they were kittens (long before Emily changed diets). The boys were on the prowl every time she snacked in one of the offices. As for her more formal meals in the master bedroom, Whitey in particular upon hearing the door open could sprint all the way from downstairs to sneak in. Then he would slink under the bed until the coast was clear for him to raid her dish.

As a bequest from Emily to the boys, I gave them each a small serving of her dry prescription food in their normal bowls before I dumped the rest back in the bag. Billy chowed down. Whitey, however, checked it out and then walked away, leaving it in the bowl.

I guess it just didn't taste as good if he didn't have to hunt for it.


  1. Just only now caught up to you guys' blog. My condolences on the loss of Emily. Thanks for giving her such a good home for her last year(s?). I'm sure she knew she was well loved.

  2. im sorry for the loss of your cat emily( ive looked in the archive pics seeing she has been very special), and i hope that Billy and Whitney will have many good years ahead of them, my cat (that looks a bit like Billy and Whitney) had kittens that looks very different, maybe with different fathers? but theyre very cute and i hope they will live very long too. their mom is normally a indoor cat but she has it better outside for some reason(she also had a problem since she always wanted to "unload" next to my pc screen) and her kittens got a little house where they got a carpet and a fence so other cats wont bother them, there are four kittens by the way, and only 1 female, and shes the smallest of them all, even though she could remind a little of what ive read about your cat emily.
    ps. say hi to Billy and Whitney from me, and say they look handsome(for my cat called pc)