Thursday, June 29, 2006

Moving On

Various people have asked how the boys are handling their Aunt Emily's absence.

Emily preferred to associate with people, not cats.

The boys were reactive to her, but didn't seek her out, and learned not enter her personal space, which usually extended over a foot in every direction. The buffer was allowed to shrink for a respectful Whitey, or made to expand for a stalking Billy. Billy was chastised by her more than once even though he was half way across the bed. Napping also shrank personal space requirements, but Emily didn't do kitten piles.

They did seek her food, but either tiger coveting her food in a public space or crowding her in a door could be in for the Paw of Death (which never actually landed on them, to my knowledge).

None of this was conducive to them attaching themselves to her, especially since they were raised from birth together to happily sleep, play, and eat with each other. Mostly they automatically check her haunts to avoid stumbling into her by mistake, and proceed on when the coast is clear.

The short version is they have nothing to deal with, and we're glad of that.

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