Monday, July 31, 2006


About a year before the kitten farm acquired its current feline residents, we had a hot water pipe split in the shaft which takes various pipes to the upstairs, in particular our bathroom. And a fun time was had by all ... Not!

The spray soaked the kitchen ceiling, and the associated hole in the wall resulted in most of the kitchen getting wallpapered when we could not find the old style in stock.

We did however not only get the pipe repaired, we got a lovely shutoff value in the basement for the upstairs hot water feed.

Over the past couple of days, the built-in side board where we prepare dinner for the boys has had a damp spot on the dining room side of the the aforementioned pipe shaft. Katherine wiped it up, and well, it's back.

We used the hot water shutoff valve this morning, in part to see if we can tell which pipe is leaking (very slowly ... for now). More importantly, the plumber has been called.

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