Sunday, January 9, 2011

Introduction to Penwiper

Seeing that Oscar still needs burn off excess energy without tormenting Whitey, we finally decided to get Oscar a young minion.

The resulting search at local shelters turned up a five month old (born July 23rd) medium hair tuxedo at Meow Cat Rescue. They called him Henry.

We call him Penwiper (or Pen, Penny, P.W., or Pea-Dub). The name comes from the science fiction novel To Say Nothing of the Dog, which has a tuxedo kitten named after the Victorian device used to clean fountain pens.

His free spirit reminds of us of the Catzilla brothers as kittens.

His size (~6+ pounds) at this tender age reminds us that he could grow to up be another Catzilla.

His newly learned ability to dart out the door of his room reminds us of Whitey. (It's time to be more careful with the exterior door protocols at the kitten farm).

His hop on your lap to snuggle while purring loudly reminds us of Oscar.

His meowing when locked up also reminds of Oscar.

His kneading while purring reminds us of Kee Kee, the affectionate feline overlord of Katherine's graduate school days at UCSB.

His silky fur reminds us of The Grey Mouser.

His brother Playful, whom we don't have room for, reminds us that many deserving cats are still waiting for homes. Consider adopting one today.

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