Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Panther Is Loose

A Panther is Loose in the Kitten Farm! Well, not really.

Penwiper continues to appears to have a bit of a cold, sneezing a few times a day, but is otherwise quite healthy. The cold does mean he's still under a loose quarantine. In particular, we don't panic when he escapes as we go in and out of his suite, but do gently go after him and corral him. Usually, these impromptu excursions mean he gets a chance for a quick hello to the senior overlords, but not hang out with them.

When Penwiper appears, the Catzilla brothers generally look startled but calm, not surprising given both their age and that their littermates, Emily, The Grey Mouser, and Oscar have all been part of their lives at various times. It also helps that they are nearly twice the size of Penwiper, and that he's not aggressive. Highly curious, but not agressive.

Oscar is less sure about this Panther on the loose. Oscar as a kiitten was not socialized as well as the Catzillas, and he isn't actually that much bigger than Penwiper (although Oscar is reasonably filled out and Penwiper is still a skinny teen with fluffy fur). Oscar is coming around though. When Penwiper was first here, Oscar would hiss, run, and hide whenever his Penwiper radar when off. Now he doesn't want P.W. too close, but they'll follow each other around and Oscar doesn't hiss ... much. Progress.

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