Monday, January 17, 2011

Paroled Panther

Penwiper is still sneezing once in a while as we're coming to the end of his official quarantine. So, I called the vet to ask if he could still come out. They said if he's eating and drinking normally, he could. (And yes, he eats like a hungry kitten, unless the other feline overlords have learned how to open the door to Penwiper's suite and sneak in without letting the kitten out while they raid his dish.)

So this morning, for nearly an hour our Tuxedo kitten was unleashed again to roam as he chose. I kept a loose on eye on him upstairs while Katherine presided over downstairs. He and Oscar did their mutual orbit again, he occasionally chased Billy, and he sampled every cat toy he could find. We only shut it down when Penwiper was getting tired and Oscar finally hissed displeasure with Penwiper's 247th invasion of Oscar's personal space.

We suspect P.W. will require a nice long nap after he eats and settles down.

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