Thursday, August 13, 2020

Legends of Long Ago

"For it is the doom of man they forget" -- Merlin

I erred when I launched, it wasn't quite complete. It turns out I had not reviewed a good portion of the 11K photos I have on my disk; I didn't realize a number are missing tags for various cats.   

Because of this, I'll reload the site this weekend (it will grow ~ 25%). I'll also reload as well, as it has the same problem.

But my point (for now) is not kitten pictures; it's that looking through the archives reminded me of what Billy had lost over the years.  Much of it he lost long ago enough that I'd forgotten he had it.  

He used to hang out on (or least visit) ... 

  • the top of cat towers.  
  • the pony wall which acts as the railing for the stairs.
  • the top of kitchen cabinets
  • the middle of kitchen cabinets
  • the top of bookshelves
  • the middle of active bookshelves

All of that petered out so long enough ago that I had forgotten the breath of his abilities.

So yes, our Senior Prince is due for his rest.

Rest In Peace, Your Highness.

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