Sunday, August 9, 2020

Twilight of a Mighty Hunter

Over the past month, Billy's kidney disease has made him slide from just under 12 pounds to 11 pounds 1 ounce.

This morning, Billy tried to hop up on my (low) desk and failed to get his hind legs up.  He fell back on the floor, unharmed.  I scooped him up and put him on the desk. He got a drink and then hopped down cleanly. 

This from a cat who for over a decade easily leaped from floor to kitchen counter and then up to cabinet tops high above the humans.

I don't know why he didn't use the short tower by my desk just now; he routinely uses its mate in the kitchen up to the kitchen counter.  He must think he's still got it for my my desk, which is lower than standard.  He doesn't, not really.

He didn't seem to have good day yesterday, and today isn't looking great, either.  If he has enough subpar days in a week, we'll need to talk about giving him the long rest he deserves.

Billy was supposed to live forever.  It was hard to write this post.

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