Thursday, August 13, 2020

The Catzilla Left Behind

Someone asked how Whitey is taking the passing of Billy, his littermate and housemate from birth. The honest answer is I don't know. 

They were often in the same room together peacefully, and we have numerous pictures of them curled up together. At the same time, they really did lead separate lives. More of Whitey's memorable interactions in the past few years have been with his nemesis Penwiper than with his brother. 

(Mostly, the Catzilla Brothers, always fed simultaneously, sampled each other's food under the theory the contents of the other bowl always tastes better. This does not aid tracking intake!) 

Whitey meowed A LOT last night between 1 AM and 5 AM, but that has not been unheard of over the past year as his eating habits have gotten flaky. He's also been meowing this morning even as I write this.

(Katherine notes he also mournfully meowed when Billy was in the clinic.  Who knows?)

The thing that I just noticed is that he sat up in the blue chair and meowed. Normally, when he wants food, he comes to the human and meows directly at him/her.

He quieted each time for a bit after getting food or affection; food seems to quiet him longer. He looked headed for another nap in the blue chair, but then just seemed restless.

Stress eating? (No idea.)

Now he's stretched out on the floor for a nap. All I can say to our new Senior Prince is, "Sleep well."

p.s. Katherine said "He was pretty restless last night. He's often restless lately, but maybe more than usual."  That seems accurate.

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