Monday, May 9, 2005

The Engineers of Dawn

This house has great pride in Engineers, and Whitey is our best feline engineer.

That is, except for the fact he does his best work at the crack of dawn, which is when he decided to try to disassemble the bedroom fountain for the second time in a week. After 5 minutes of prying noises, I misted him, which actually is really a bad idea, since the fountain exists for him to use.

At a more reasonable hour, Whitey also had to examine the strike plate on the door in my office after I caught it on belt loop and pulled a screw loose. He was very cute, reaching up his back legs to examine it. I half expected him to unsheathe a claw to use as a screwdriver and fix it on spot.

The kid was born to figure out how the world works from a feline point of view. I just wish he would figure it out at noon, not dawn. That, and wear safety goggles.

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