Sunday, May 8, 2005


Clearly, our watch cats don't scare the thieves off or dial 911 after the fact.

Last Thursday (28 April) we zipped from Boston to Seattle for the weekend, leaving our cats in the capable hands of Jen, our cat sitter.

On Sunday a week ago at 5 AM Seattle time (8 AM at the kitten farm), Jen called to tell us our house had been broken into, as evidenced by a window being wide open and the screen up.

First and foremost, Jen verified all the cats were accounted for. It appears it didn't occur to them to go wandering out. They may have been asleep, and if they did jump up to the open window sill they may not have liked the six foot drop into the cold rainy night. Still, I am relieved that we got them implanted with id microchips last fall, in case they did get out.

As for property loss, the thieves were in hurry, and while stuff got tossed about, they didn't do wanton damage. Very little was taken. (In case the wrong people are reading this, I will pass on detailing on anything they missed.)

Jen was perhaps shaken more than we were -- when we paid her bill, we made she sure she got a combat bonus. (She is paid to look for trouble while we are gone; however, it is hard to pay a person enough to actually find trouble.)

Needless to say, we were quite awake after the phone call; at least at it was only 30 minutes before the alarm would have gone off for our crack of dawn flight home.

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  1. So, will Jen be back for your next out of town trip?
    Glad it wasn't any worse!