Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Road Trip

As previously noted, the boys like to curl up in their cat carriers and sleep. They are much less cheerful about the car, which always seems to take them to the house of torture known as the vet. We need to work on that, as having two unhappy cats meowing in the back seat tends to grate on the driver's nerves.

Both boys are now vaccinated for rabies and distemper for another year. Billy has been told to lose a pound or two, so we need to keep a closer eye on how much he's actually eating.

The doctor agreed with our conclusion about Emily and Tagamet: give it to her if her stomach is actively upset, but there's a quality of life balance to consider, too. If/when we do have to start dosing her regularly, he knows a compounding pharmacist who can mix up cat-friendly flavors. (I agree with Emily that the formula we have now is pretty vile.)

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  1. That's why we go to a vet 5 minutes away. That's as long as I can stand to listen to Millie complain.