Thursday, May 12, 2005

Mother of all SpiderCats

No, this isn't post about Whitey. Rather, it's about the other Spidercat, Emily.

Tiger Tower has a enclosed condo, a mezzine level above it, two balconies (rather like steps on the opposite sides of the main post), and the penthouse. The entire affair is covered in rugs for comfort and traction. (Photos coming, we promise).

Emily was on the lower balcony being petted, and she decided to retire to the penthouse. She didn't hop up to the second balcony and then up through the opening in the floor of the penthouse. No, she unsheathed her claws and climbed straight up the center post, and leaned outward (i.e. backwards) to go up over the rim of the penthouse rail.

Her fluid climbing motion makes Whitey look like a amateur.

While Emily has shown many times she has a proper feline jump, she's never done serious climbing in her almost full year living here.

Who knew?

(I swear, she pulls stuff like this just to show she's still got it when I'm depressed about her.)

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