Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I Serve, Therefore I Wear

I have a personal motto, the kind in which the truth hurts:

I eat, therefore I wear.

Let's just say that any light colored shirt is at risk if on my body at meal time, and even the dark end of the wardrobe needs to worry about grease.

However, I have hit a new low.

The boys each get a 1/8 of can of IAMS canned food per meal. These cans have a pull tab, but I prefer to open neatly them with a can opener, including crank the opener a half turn and then reverse direction for a nice smooth rim with no overhang. This lets me then put the contents into a small Tupperware container without having to pry out the first couple of slices.

Often, I'll run a knife around the edge of the can to further smooth the exit of the food. But not this morning. No, I had to shake the open can, forgetting the food is packed in oil.

The result was one shirt smelling of fish oil. I changed before going to work.


  1. Have you sought professional help for this particular obsession?

  2. It's not an obsession. It's a physically limitation of being utterly a klutz.