Friday, April 21, 2006


We clean the litter boxes twice a day around here. We have huge boxes, but dirty boxes will lead cats to find other places to do their business.

One of the routine things I'm in charge of is throwing out the used kitty litter, which simply requires twice a week taking the bag from the dirty kitty litter bucket, taking it out to the trash, ansd putting a new bag in the bucket. This is done, not surprisingly, the night our trash goes the curb and more or less half way between trash nights.

Even with all the excitement this week, I remembered to do this Wednesday night, and even took some other unrelated trash out from the basement and the like. The result was a nice empty bucket.

However, when I opened it to clean the boxes Thursday night, I discovered my horror it was still empty. I had forgotten to clean the boxes Thursday morning. Not didn't want to, not didn't have time, just forgot in the midst of my other valet duties.

Fortunately, the cats had not declared the boxes dirty; no alternative venues had been used.

14 hours and counting.

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  1. By my calculations, that means the head valet has returned. Welcome home!