Monday, April 17, 2006

The Inmates and the One-armed Paper Hanger

Katherine is traveling. The inmates are (of course) running the place.

Emily started the fun by asking for breakfast after I woke up at 4:30 to run an errand. Not really a problem, she didn't wake me up, and the boys even stayed put in the bedroom so I could close the door and feed her in peace in Katherine's office.

Then 6:45 AM she woke me up again by throwing up in my office. Not just in my office, but on the sundeck, the floor by my desk, and my desk. And not just on my desk, but on my 12 year old heavy duty classic IBM PS/2 keyboard.

I clean up the sundeck and floor, go to the bathroom, unplug keyboard, wash it in shower, take it down to the basement to dry, get a spare IBM PS/2 keyboard (my supply mimics Linus's piano/Beethoven bust stockroom), take it up to computer, plug it in, boot computer, sit down ... and realize Emily also threw up on the floor opposite my desk.

So I clean that up, just in time to hear a cat landscaping litter out of the upstairs box. It's Whitey, bless him. Dry litter at least. I sweep it up and dump it back into the litter box.

Only 111 hours until Katherine is back.

(Seriously, I am worried that Emily has thrown up twice in two days.)

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