Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Daily Stench: Facilities Division

After we sorted out the funny noises from the kitchen last night, we had sandwiches for dinner (bet you were waiting for that information), and then I proceeded on various tasks around the house, including laundry and changing backup tapes in the basement.

Every so often I've smelled gas in the basement, but never been able to smell it twice in a row, until last night. It was very faint but repeatable for a change, so we called the gas company. It was so faint we didn't clear the premises, even though a house blew up in near by Lexington last week.

A very nice yet efficient woman arrived with sniffer in hand within the hour. The first thing I noticed was she knocked, rather than use the doorbell (can you say "avoid electric sparks"). She checked out the area of the meter, and announced we had a trivial leak around the meter itself.

We were correct to call, and we were also correct that we didn't need to run for the hills.

Our efficient friendly utility worker did stop on the way outside to get a new meter to say hello to the boys, who clearly charmed her (and were charmed in return). Emily even popped onto the stairs to say hello.

Our meter is replaced, and our little kitten farm remains warm, cozy, and in one piece.

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  1. Glad you got it fixed! Millie probably would have hissed at the friendly utility worker.