Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Making The World Safe For ...

As previously noted in several posts, we have moved a lot of items down to the basement. We've also cleaned up the basement, including getting old lumber thrown out, having our maid service clean the surfaces, replacing the furnace and most recently, taking various old cans of paints and the like to the local hazardous waste day.

The net result is a basement almost safe for unsupervised felines, in particular the boys. Officially they are not allowed down there because it's not 100% safe, but if they catch the door open and come down to help us, we don't sweat nearly as much as when they were kittens and it was more of a feline minefield. It's also better for me, which is good since the server computers (including the web server hosting this blog) and one of the exercise bikes are down there.

We're almost there ...

But "everything we care about" has to come out of the basement. Pulling the old furnace and its oil tanks showed a hole in the foundation wall, and when a expert looked over it and some holes in the floo, he also noted all the cracks we have around the entire perimeter. This is not a shock, but the soup to nuts fix we want (and need) means people putting dust all over the basement for a week in January.

Should be entertaining ...


  1. Entertaining, indeed. And probably loud and possibly smelly, depending what they use to fix the cracks.
    But the big question is: have you been USING that exercise bike?

  2. We cannot confirm oe deny any use of exercise bikes in this blog. See my own blog (link below) for any such comments.