Saturday, November 19, 2005

Plush Death From Above

Sometime around the time we reduced the number of plush creatures in the Kitten Farm, we revived the tradition of having a plush creature on duty in the front hall to say good bye to the humans; the same creature also handles tuck ins (in a house with no children, no less).

Today's duty bear was Christopher, the large dark bear in the right upper row of the staff portrait. Since Katherine was at the bottom of the stairs, I tossed him down to her from the landing.

However, Billy was headed up the stairs, at least until he saw an object almost as large him swoop by overhead. I don't know what the Mighty Hunter thought Christopher was, but he didn't like it; he turned and bolted. At least I think he turned. All I really know is that one moment Billy was headed up the stairs, and next moment he was streaking back down to the first floor and out of the hall.

Billy was even faster than if we had announced it was dinner time, if you can believe that.

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