Monday, November 7, 2005

To Reach The Unreachable Star ...

As noted numerous times, Whitey likes the top of my seven foot bookshelf, even if it does mean a two foot vertical leap upward across a foot wide chasm. Billy also visits up there on occasion.

What has not been noted is that we actually own five other seven foot bookshelves, the rest of which the cats can't get up to because they each require at least a four foot vertical leap from the nearest launch pad.

Or so we thought.

Last week, Whitey was chasing a bug which fled to safety on the top of one of Katherine's office bookshelves. Whitey decided under the rules of hot pursuit, the laws of physics didn't apply. So he jumped four feet straight up to the top of the shelf. This freaked out Katherine, who fetched Tiger Tower from the hall for him to come down via instead of a four foot drop back on to her metal stereo.

Just to show he knew how, he jumped up there again earlier this week. Katherine swears that this time she saw him do an intermediate push off jump half way up the smooth surface, but we don't have instant replay.

We're gonna have to buy that kid a climbing harness. Or a parachute.

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