Monday, December 12, 2005

Emily On The Warpath

Emily is in quite the mood tonight.

Maybe I stressed her appearing in the door of her powder room (litter-box closet) to clean the boxes, maybe her stomach bothers her (she threw up a snack today) or maybe it was just her general mood.

In any case, when she came out of the closet into the bedroom, she jumped up on the bed and saw Whitey in "her" spot up by Katherine's pillow. She growled. Then she growled again. Then she bounded across the bed and started pummeling Whitey, twice her weight and an eighth her age.

Whitey rolled on his back and generally looked shocked. I didn't see him hit her back, although given she only got about two swings in, she merely may have made her escape before he could recover.

1 comment:

  1. Perhaps Whitey is just too much of a gentleman to attack a little old lady.
    Or maybe he just didn't come out of the shock in time.