Tuesday, December 6, 2005

The Paw of Friendship

Emily has figured out I'm the chief valet this week.

She's been in and out of my office a lot since I got back, and this morning gave me the Paw of Friendship. That's the gentle velvet paw reaching out to stroke and get some attention, and is not to be confused with the claws extended Paw of Death (generally reserved for the boys), or the Nip of Feed Me. Neither of those are exactly happy gestures.

One other gesture I got last night while reading a book after dinner was the Greeting Leap of Feed Me. This would not have been nearly so noticed had it been on to my desk, but I was reading at the dinner room table. That's what she leaped on to in order to announce it was time for her second supper. I don't recall if I she got the Mist of Doom, but I did take the hint and headed up to her suite to provide a snack.


  1. I wouldn't have thought that Emily COULD leap. She can definitely handle 60 degree temps, then.

  2. Oh, Emily still has her feline leap when she wants it.