Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Get the Door, It's Domino's

Tonight's dinner is pizza for me. This was best, as I can't use the stove. And there in lies a rambling tale.

Over the weekend the local gas company dug a trench in front of the house one door up on Summerhill.

Today, they dug a similar trench in front of the kitten farm. I found this when I got home in the dark. I also found a note telling me to call them so that they would turn our gas service back on, which of course implied the service was off. I called, mentioning that the new gas meter had a slight smell to it as well.

Providing this latter information was a big mistake, this turned the turn the gas back on call into a gas leak call. This caused the wrong type of crew to be dispatched.

When he arrived, he hunted for a gas leak in the house with no gas service. After we sorted out that we needed the gas on first, an exterior road crew was dispatched because it turns out that the note saying "turn on the gas" actually meant "replace the gas service from the street". However, now they need an interior crew as well, because they need to slightly redo the internal pipe around the meter.

They are still milling around as I write this, ~ 3 hours after I got home.

The same weather station which monitors our external weather data also reports and records the conditions inside. This means I can tap into our server to report that the dining room temperature has been dropping since 2 PM this afternoon.

Fortunately, it is only down to ~ 61 degrees inside after a reasonably mild day, and they should finish this decade.

The whole affair can be best summed up by that I think the cats liked our previous utility visitor better.

At least the cats all ate well (their usual menu) despite the confusion.

I think all cats have official permission to burrow so long as they don't disturb each other.

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