Friday, August 11, 2006

Let It Flow

The plumbers came and went yesterday, leaving us with several new holes in the walls and a new drain pipe, not to mention a new small hole in the home equity line.

We blocked the door to Billy's favorite linen closet which has a floor level hole in the wall which is just too cat friendly. We also replaced some of the wallboard high in the kitchen wall and secured it with duct tape. This keeps a certain Spidercat from jumping to the cabinets over the stove and inspecting inside the wall. We've never seen him up there, which is not as accessible as the cabinets over the refrigerator, but we did it anyway -- he's a Spidercat.

We called our favorite general contractor to scope fixing the walls for real; he'll stop by on Tuesday.

And then we called the plumber again this morning when the kitchen ceiling sprung a leak during my shower. This problem was new (and freaked us out), but was traced by the plumber to the sealant around the tub spout breaking loose because of their other work. All fixed.

We hope.


  1. I'm impressed that you spot all these leaks without (our) Emily. She's always the one who finds them here. Not to mention fires in the backyard.

  2. When it drips right on the stove when Katherine is making tea, she notices.