Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Man The Barricades

For our loyal readers only loyal reader, an explanation may be in order to why we don't just lock the meowers in the kitchen. There are actually several reasons:

  • The kitchen does not have a radiator, instead relying on other rooms, appliance heat, and people being dressed when in it.
  • The kitchen doesn't have door latch, or for that matter, a door. In fact, while the farm doesn't have an open floor plan, there are no interior doors in any doorway on our first floor. We just have exterior doors and the basement door.
  • The general heat flow of the house doesn't encourage putting doors in, as then first floor heat would not rise in the winter.
  • The boys (along with our departed Emily) were implicitly taught to sleep with us, in particular to snuggle Katherine.

So we need more subtle methods, like remote control depth charges.


  1. "Subtle" and "depth charges" in the same sentence? It really all comes down to number 4 and personal preferences. We love our cats, but gave up sleeping with them over 20 years ago when Max bit Steve's toe when he moved in his sleep.

  2. Spending $$$ on doors doesn't count? You price hardwood doors lately?
    (Frostbite for the humans upstairs counts too!)