Saturday, November 11, 2006

Mr. Inscrutable Goes To The Movies

Of our three cats, we always viewed Emily as the most social, Billy as the most active and extroverted, and Whitey as both the most agile and inscrutable.

This blog has shown those traits, and of course that both Billy and Emily demand more attention than Whitey.

Because his brother is both more demanding and a clearer communicator, sometimes I worry that we're neglecting our equal-but-junior feline. If true, we could be fostering that Whitey doesn't care if we exist or not so long as he gets fed, watered, and has a clean litter-box. That sometimes of late he choses to sleep overnight outside the bedroom doesn't help this feeling.

(Katherine notes that what actually happens is that Whitey dozes off in her office as she is winding down, which is quite sociable of him. That he doesn't come to bed at the same time as her is simply a function of it's comfy there. But *I* miss all this, I'm asleep already.)

However ...

Last night after dinner, Katherine and I watched Shall We Dance on DVD. We were crashed on the couch, with pillows and blankets. Into the midst of this jumble came a white faced tiger cat. He alternatively burrowed under my blanket and kept my feet warm, and then laid out over the blanket on my outstretched leg calm and relaxed for a while. He didn't stay the whole movie, but it was most certainly not a drive-by greeting.

Our Whitey may not be a movie buff, but he certainly wanted to share our company.

Thank you Whitey.

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