Monday, July 26, 2004

Boredom is good

Boring litter boxes this morning. The secret to achieving litter box boredom appears to be litter box cleanliness. Which I sort of knew, but we're working out how the cats define "clean."

We've switched the boys over to feeding three times a day instead of free feeding. The goal is to prevent Emily from raiding the kitten food, and also to transition the boys down to feeding twice a day by the time they're six months old. (In August.) There is, of course, an adjustment period, which manifested itself as Emily being aggressively hungry at about 6 AM. Breakfast was served at 7 AM, about an hour earlier than normal.

The boys also went FRAP at about 5 AM. They stayed out of the bedroom, but the thuds emanating from Cat Fu practice in the hall still woke up the humans. Sigh...

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