Saturday, July 17, 2004

The Toys of Summer (Furniture Division)

It's official. The cats now have three condos. We got the first one for the living room as part of our major league PetCo run before we picked up the cats. The second showed up ~ a week later so the boys had a place to hang out in the master bedroom, AKA Emily's Suite. The third, smaller one, arrived yesterday. It gives them a vacation home within a home in the upstairs hall, for when they are booted out of the master bedroom.

Why do they get three? Because they use them, which is all the endorsement we need.

Speaking of booting, Katherine thought we need to let in the boys back in the bedroom at night. Yea, right. We left the door open and Billy showed up at 3 AM and wanted to sleep against my legs. Just what I needed, a feline furnance I am afraid of rolling over on. Ejection followed.

(Later -- I should note we actually swapped the tall one out to the hall and the short one into the bedroom, because the printer stander in the hall was taller than the condo. That fact caused Whitey to prefer the printer ....)

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