Thursday, July 15, 2004

The Good, the Bad, and the Hungry

Random notes from past two days ...

I took yesterday off from this because the morning started okay and then crashed badly. After it, I needed a break from cats.

Source of the crash was that the gentle kicking the laundry basket out of my way caused the bedroom to be perfumed with the smell of cat guano. (Actually, it stank of cat sh-t, pure and simple). Someone (no suspects) had made a mess, and kicking the basket out of the way caused the mess to spread like peanut butter off a knife. The basket was full to boot, so I had to empty it one piece at time before I could toss the basket in the shower to clean it.

Side note: our deodorizer spray is killing the finish on our hardwood floors. Aw, hell.

Later, someone (Emily?) also dumped cat gauno on the news paper in front of the litter box during the day while I was gone. Depressing, but not nearly the headache the morning was.

I've kicked the boys out of the bedroom when I went to bed both of the last two nights, and I've gotten decent sleep for a change. I swear, lights off the previous few nights was an excuse for them to go into FRAP. Experiments have shown letting them in any time before reveille causes them to be warm and friendly -- which is not what you want when trying to sleep.

At least Billy seems to be learning not to pounce on my moving parts in bed.

Finally, Emily is being quite affectionate this morning, no doubt because with her suite door closed she missed her midnight raid on the boys' food, and now with the door open I've pulled up the boys' food until 8 AM when I will feed everyone.


  1. Hm, can you try putting one of the litter boxes in the spot where the laundry basket usually stands, and get the laundry basket out of the way? Just a try, since it seems to be VERY popular for "accidents".
    Also, you might want to track your cats after they fed; I know kittens are usually getting litter box trained after they had food because they usually "go" after having eaten, and I see that even with my grown cat after she had the first few bites of wet food.
    Cudos for your patience.

  2. BTW, this was a different laundry basket location (other room of Emily's suite) than the last one. Also, this was next to the laundry basket, not like last time when they urinated in one.
    We did of course secure the baskets in both cases. Cats don't like doing their business on a bare floor.

  3. Do you begin to understand why our cats are never allowed in the bedroom at night? Though last night I was too tired to look for Millie when I went to bed. Sure enough, awhile later she jumped onto the bed and promptly made herself comfortable in between my knees. For about 10 seconds while I worked up the energy to evict her.
    Thank goodness my cats have all been good with the litter box. I only had to potty train my kids.