Thursday, July 29, 2004

Laundry Bin

The sort of things cats make you think about.

Because of the cats, ~ two weeks ago we replaced the laundry hamper (bin, actually).

The old bin used plastic tubing to hold three bags (light, medium, and dark); the tubes were only held together with friction fittings. The bags were only held up by their drawstrings being pulled tight (like a liner in a wastebasket). Also, cats could climb (or pull down) the open mesh bags.

(Quite frankly, the old bin was cheap junk, and bought only for its three bins.)

The new bin uses metal tubes with screw fittings. The new single bag is velcroed to the top of the frame, and with both a solid band at the bottom and a finer mesh up the sides, it is not as climbable and hangs in there when a cat paws at it.

One never regrets buying quality, especially if it makes the product cat proof.

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