Monday, July 5, 2004

Emily, on the prowl

Emily, normally quite sedate, was quite the adventurer over the weekend. She seemed all over the house prowling during the day. Perhaps she was emboldened by the boys being confined at night.

We don't mind her defending her bed (it used to be our bed, actually) and even her suite (the master bedroom and associated closet). In particular we find her blameless to hiss at Billy if he stalks her when she's relaxing.

Unfortunately, she's trying expand to her personal zone to include whereever she goes, and according to Katherine she attacked Billy as they were going through the same door in opposite directions. Random swings at Billy when he's minding his own business are not to be tolerated.

Use of The Mist of Doom (plant mister spray bottle) and even The Dome of Doom (an upside down wastebasket) have been approved if she causes trouble unprovoked.

The tricky part is to ignore the occasional growl but never allow physical contact when dealing with creatures that define the term cat-like reflexes.

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