Monday, July 12, 2004

Third Watch

Last night was not bad per se, but not as smooth as one would want.

After lights out, the boys were stalking Emily, and The Mist of Doom came out more than once.

5 AM, I wake up to the smell of cat guano, and after 20 minutes lying awake and three checks of the closet (was it even there the first time?) I find someone (Emily?) missed the box. I grab handy cardboard and flip the mess into the box, and cover it with litter to kill the smell until I do real maintenance at 8 AM.

Back to bed.

6:45 AM, Emily is gone and the boys are loving the freedom. Billy jumps from floor to my chest and curls up between my legs, where after a minute he gets (you guessed it) The Mist of Doom for attacking my toes. He doesn't actually bolt, but settles down in a position that will keep me awake. Aw, hell, he's a nice kitten.

Then Whitey leaps from the cat condo to the bed, also landing hard on me. (It's so nice to be loved.) But his heart is pure, and no Mist shall envelope him just for wanting to join his brother.

I give up after a minute, and get up, just in time to see Emily walking up the hall to the bedroom, where I can see the boys, minding their own business on the (her) bed. She jumps up and freaks at the apparent sudden intrusion, hissing and growing like she is ready to rumble. The boys retreat, and I dive for the The Mist of Doom. The Mist descends a bit late, no doubt accidentally telling Emily she's bad for just being on the bed. Aw, hell.

The mist sends her AWOL again (checking after 20 minutes, she's asleep on the bed).

What alarm clocks.

I was going to give up caffeine this week. Really, I was.

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