Monday, April 14, 2008

Not all prey can escape

Since we never know when we'll need kitty treats, we tend to keep bottles scattered around the house, topping them off from a larger bottle as needed. For obvious reasons, we keep the supplies in kitty-proof locations: Drew's office closet, my office closet, Drew's nightstand drawer.

Except the nightstand drawer is only kitty-proof when closed, a detail that Drew apparently forgot after he filled that bottle. And so, when I went in the bedroom a little while later, I found the bottle open, on the floor, with an inquisitive Billy pushing it around with his paw.

The bottle was half three quarters empty. Uh oh.

The good news is that both boys were present to share in the feast. If it were just Billy, he really would have made himself sick.

Updated by Drew: The bottle was fuller (and emptied) more than she realized. Lucky for us me, no one tossed their snack overnight.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Photo Friday: Kitten Warmer, Improved

Our return of Photo Friday brings us Whitey back on the Silver Kitten Warmer, which is improved for all concerned by having its cover closed. This is possible from a working point of view (not that it matters to Whitey) by putting it next to my new larger monitor.

Whitey on Warmer Pedestal

Unfortunately, with Whitey more active, he may get booted anyway -- all his jumping around can't be good for my portable's hard drive.

Dawn Patrol: Whitey Punks Off Dope

Having watched our rocket kitten the past couple of days, he has reverted to the feline fiend we know and (mostly) love.

He sleeps like a proper cat, but not quite as much, and he responds to cat nap interruptions with more interest.

Like a true Spider Cat, he's been climbing more, including hopping up into a bookshelf we didn't know he could fit into. In more subtle way, one can see just by how he moves that his natural athleticism is back on display, with sharp defined movements be it walking, jumping, or just cleaning himself.

Unfortunately, his second night off drugs he celebrated by staying up and meowing at 3:30 AM, but he seems to be have burned off most of that excess energy now. He was quieter last night.

His brother seem does a little tired, and is not wanting to play with me as much. We think Billy has been chased around the house a few extra times by his now alert brother. :-)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Rocket kitten: activate!

For the last several months, we've been giving Whitey amitriptyline. It's an antianxiety drug used to help cats with interstitial cystitis. (Suggested by our vet after we ruled out infection, blockage, and similar urinary tract issues.) It works great for that purpose, but the side effect is lethargy. All cats sleep a lot, and Whitey's always been less active than his brother, but lately he's been sleeping pretty much all the time.

So, after several months with no signs of anxiety, we've taken him off the medication. And it was like flipping a switch. He started the morning (earlier than usual) by chasing his tail around the bedroom cat tower, he's been chasing his brother, and right now he's rocketing around the upstairs hall in pursuit of turboballs during what's usually prime nap time.

It's good to have our Spider Kitten back. Here's hoping his other symptoms stay gone.