Saturday, January 26, 2013

Photo Weekend: Oscar Plays Wii U

We recently got a Wii U, and Oscar decided to join us.   Sort of.

Oscar Snuggling During Wii U Time
Okay, what he really was doing looking for a rub (and rubbing back, hence the blurry head) while Katherine had her hands full.  But he's still a snuggly kitten.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Photo Friday: Littermates 9 Years On

Whitey and Billy don't often nap together, mostly because they each have their own preferred spots around the Kitten Farm West.   But that doesn't mean our Catzilla brothers aren't a handsome pair together.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Photo Weekend Extra: Show Me The Way

As noted, Whitey recently was the first cat in five years to leap to the top of hutch; I dragged the cat tower over to let him down the easy way.

What I didn't mention was that Billy and Penwiper both took the opportunity given by the tower to visit the hutch; this wasn't noteworthy, because a cat tower on the move always draws a crowd.   What is noteworthy is that Penwiper must have learned from the experience -- last night he blasted off to the top of the hutch without help.

Penwiper Does the Hutch on his Own
This was somewhat unexpected but not a complete shock.    Also unexpected was that he didn't wait for a ride down, but instead leaped down to the side table we keep in front of the window for feline bird watching hunting.

Note that dropping 10 pounds 5 feet onto a wooden surface is not a quiet event, even if the 10 pounds knows how to land properly.   I suspect it's enough effort in both directions that Penwiper, like Whitey,  won't do it again soon, although they will each keep the option open.

Update:  I'm wrong, as usual.   Penwiper did it again the following day.