Sunday, July 31, 2011

Just Like a Big Boy Redux

After Oscar had been with us a few months and eating in the library, we screwed up our courage to teach him to eat just like a big boy with his uncles.   It took easing him into it (we started at the top of the stairs, then most of the way down), but now he has had his personal spot in the dining room for over a year.

Penwiper, on the other hand ... as his birthday passed, we migrated him to a mix of kitten and adult kibble for him.  Knowing his confidence around the others, last night we simply set out four bowls and explained to PW where his was (in the fourth corner of the dining room).  He was a little confused by me working on the additional bowls, but he settled down nicely.

Nomming occurred, just like a big boy, and his fellow overlords likewise all accepted the new guy into the feeding fold.

This morning was even smoother.  I went downstairs, all four boys followed, and Penwiper took his place as soon as his bowl was down.  Life is good.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Photo Friday: One Fine Quiet Hunter

Whitey napping in my office cat carrier
During my feline photo expedition, Whitey was in one of favorite his spots ... napping in a cat carrier. This one happens to live in my office for his snoozing pleasure.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

(Almost) Photo Friday: One Fine Birthday Kitten

Penwiper taking over Katherine's desk
We rejoin our one-day photo montage of the feline overlords with Penwiper.

Of course, he's not the first to take over Katherine's desk.  After Her Emilyness squeezed onto the side of the desk a few times, she taught Katherine to leave the keyboard area clear for lounging.

Normally, I would override the date to Friday to make this appear on time, but today (July 23rd) is Penwiper's first Birthday.  Our youngest is now a catten!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Penwiper, the Fluffy Pickpocket?

Flash drives have gotten too small for their own good. I negligently left one of the pockets of my briefcase unzipped. Next thing I know, Penwiper has fished one out and is playing with it. It's about the size of three or four kitten kibbles: maybe too big for a cat, but certainly not for a dog or a human toddler.

This was just a minute or two after he pulled a pack of Kleenex out of a different pocket. Maybe we should have named him Fagin?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

obit: Composer Meows Her Last

From the NY Tines: A Noted Composer Meows Her Last

Ketzel, who won a prize for piano composition in 1997 and went on to be featured in a book, “The World of Women in Classical Music,” died Wednesday in Manhattan. She was 19 and lived on the Upper West Side

Friday, July 15, 2011

Photo Friday: One Fine Day (Oscar)

Oscar, Relaxing

And where do we find our kittens when not gathered for food?  Each enjoying the day their own way.   First, Oscar.

Roll Call

A morning checklist at the Kitten Farm:
  • Before breakfast, Oscar charges into Penwiper's room (where months ago Oscar himself was fed) and has to be led out so I can feed the new kid first.  Then it's downstairs to feed all three tigers.
  • After breakfast, a paroled Penwiper needs his morning snuggle.  One overly cuddled fluffy Ninja.
  • While I am brushing my teeth, Billy hops up on the bathroom shower ledge.  An understated petting of our alpha cat results in a gentle but strong purr from the Mighty Hunter.
  • While petting Billy, I feel a firm friendly brush against my legs, and without looking I know it's Whitey.  Rather than chase him down or pick him up, I stroll out to the bed and lift the quilt.  One leap later, the Spidercat is burrowing for a warm safe nap under the covers.
Happy boys.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Growing Up

Penwiper's birthday is July 23rd.

We normally transition from kitten food to adult cat food around their first birthday, and to ease this, this morning Penwiper's kibble mix was made ~ 1/3 adult food.

Our Fluffy Ninja is growing up ...

Saturday, July 9, 2011

(Almost) Photo Friday: Librarian Overlords

Billy & Whitey High in the Library
This week's photo, taken this very morning, catches the Catzilla  Brothers hanging in the Library.  Click it for a better view at full size.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Support Your Local Kentucky Kitten and Vote!

From my sister Catherine ...
To all you Bootsies fans: she is in the running for Pet of the Week at the Louisville Courier-Journal! You can vote for her at
Voting is through Friday!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Photo Friday: Cuteness Smackdown

Bootsies: Aren't I the cutest?
(photo credit: Catherine Detweiler)
Penwiper: Why yes, I do know I'm cute!
... A Photo Friday in which we point out certain felines seem to have a high opinion of themselves. That, and a lot of fur. And some common genes, although Aunt Bootsies is no more related to Penwiper than the Catzilla brothers are related to their nephew Oscar.

All of you are cute felines, and we'll leave it at that.