Friday, February 2, 2018

Someone to Lay Down Beside Me

We now have four heated cat beds in the form of three bowls and one mat.
I installed each one at usual hangout spots:
  • Whitey's bowl is tucked in the corner of Katherine's office just past the head of her writing futon,
  • PW's bowl is in the opposite corner of Katherine's office by her desk, and
  • Billy's mat is where he likes to stretch out by my nightstand in the bedroom,
  • Oscar's bowl was originally in place of (and then moved next to) his favorite pillow on my desk.
They are, in general, a hit.

The problem is that two of the four aren't being used by their intended target.
  • Oscar looked at the one on my desk in fear. (Oscar was seen last night in PW's bowl.)
  • I moved Oscar's bowl to the bedroom next to Billy's mat as a second one for Whitey, but in the middle of the night I saw Whitey huddled in the middle of the floor while PW used the bowl.
This morning, I asked Billy what to do. He calmly looked up at me and succinctly said, "Well, how many cat towers do we have?"

The answer is eight, acquired over 10 years. No, I don't want buy more four heated cat beds. (Or three more, the Big Black Kitty Warmer Mark II may count as one.)

As Katherine pointed out, I should be glad he didn't just say "More kitty treats!", which is his solution to most problems.