Saturday, May 29, 2010

Photo Weekend: Kitten pile on Mom

So I was stretched out on the sofa doing some editing, when along came Billy and curled up at my feet. (Actually, walked across my stomach and then curled up at my feet. Whatever...) Then Whitey came along, sniffed around the edges of the blanket, and curled up along my legs, just north of Billy. Then Oscar came by, stood on my chest, thought about wrestling with Whitey for his space, and finally snuggled down next to my shoulders. That's his back paws in the foreground:

All very warm and snuggly. Too warm, actually, and I got up a few minutes later. Which may have been the goal, since all three boys stayed in the warm spot for a while.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Whitey has a fresh scratch on his nose, dead in the middle. Good thing he's not going to the prom this year, it would be the talk of the ball.

Oscar, as usual, is suspected.