Friday, April 30, 2010

Back in the High Life Again

Just like when the furnace threw Oscar off his pace and he recovered in a day or so, he is back to normal (for him). Even though he ate at an odd time last night (so the valets could go out to dinner), he chowed down. He also wanted to snuggle at 3 AM when I accidently woke him up, and this morning was a happy breakfast consumer.

The Catzillas? They woke up yesterday happy, and for all we know their example helped show Oscar that yes, life remains good as an Feline Overlord of the Kitten Farm.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Day Spa from Hell

We were organized enough to do an errands two-fer yesterday, and the boys are still recovering.

Errand # 1 was to get the boys teeth cleaned and be given their annual shots. This meant they all went to the vet without breakfast, got general anesthetic, and generally thrown for a loop.

Errand # 2 was to get the carpets cleaned. This meant when the groggy disoriented boys came home, their Kitten Farm was rearranged and smelled funny. Billy and Oscar both were demanding more personal space than normal, with some growling and hissing going on.

Even after we got the furniture put back in place, they were sufficiently disoriented and generally unhappy with the state of things that Whitey was both late for dinner and didn't finish it, and Oscar barely had anything.

Whitey also asked to burrow under the covers overnight (which is often his happy place during the day, but not normal at night), which Katherine blessed. Oscar didn't sleep on the bed at all. Billy found his normal spot, chest high between his valets.

They all seem more like their normal selves this morning, I'm off to feed them breakfast and see how they are doing.


The Catzilla brothers are only dismayed by that their breakfast treat (some wet food, in case their teeth hurt) was only half of breakfast.

Oscar, on the other hand, needed to be catered to upstairs and then only took a few bites. Since he ate something, we're monitoring him but not panicked ... yet.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Photo Friday: Extra from Down Under

My employer held Take Your Child to Work Day, and our administrative assistent brought in the marsupial overlord-in-training of a friend.

From Picnik Photos

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Just Like a Big Boy

Oscar has eaten his last three meals in the dining room with the boys. Our little kitten is almost all grown up.

He actually eats the far end of of the room, because for going on six years the Catzillas have been naturally eaten with Whitey on the right and Billy on the left, and Billy moving to the right to raid Whitey's dish when he got bored. This means Oscar really can't be right, left, or right of left (i.e. middle). :-)

But we're impressed with all three boys for co-existing with food in the room.

Monday, April 5, 2010


(or, this post has no English title)

The above title is brought to you by Oscar, who is sprawled on my desk waiting for breakfast.

He has now returned to the regularly scheduled mournful meowing in the hall, leaving my desk clear.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Administrivia - Site Blog Software Upgraded

We've been seeing too much comment SPAM lately, so for the first time in too long a time (3 years), we've upgraded the Movable Type software which drives our blogs.

With Movable Type 5.01, we are now able to require commenters to sign-in order to reduce SPAM. We will not be collecting your login information, but rather relying on your choice of another web site (Google, Yahoo, AIM, Live Journal etc.) to verify you exist. (We won't see your password for that other site, they'll just us tell your name and maybe email address.)

The leap in software releases required us to change the look of the blogs; we're not done with Katherine's TFM blog yet. In addition, we MAY have broken some links.

Please notify of us any problems you have reading or commenting on the blogs.

QOTD: King of the Mountain

After Billy and the Spider-Clutz face-off on the hall railing:

Katherine: Oscar, if you want to play king of the mountain with Billy, you'll lose.
Drew: If Oscar wants to play king of the mountain with himself up there, he'll lose.

Katherine then scooped Oscar off the railing before he could fall off ... again.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Photo Friday: We'll Sing Sleep in the Sunshine

The good weather is coming, and an early sunny day has our boys sharing the warmth of my office heated by central forced air, computers and, of course, solar.

From Picnik Photos

(Oscar was originally to the left of the file cabinet and Whitey was on it, but like Billy, they follow the sun.)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Further Adventures of the Spider-Clutz

Attaining new heights aside, Oscar remains the Spider-clutz.

This evening, we fed dinner Oscar in my office (working closer to the stairs, with the ultimate goal of feeding him downstairs). Billy showed up, causing Oscar to abandon his dinner for the monorail (aka the straight wide flat railing for the stairs), and Katherine started to take Oscar's remaining food in its bowl into the library.

Oscar followed along on the railing, watching Katherine as he went. Or tried. He made it three feet, didn't watch where he was putting his feet, and fell to the deep stairwell side of the railing. After much clawing and a gouge in the stairwell wall, he made it back onto the top of the railing, to our relief.

Of course, the one true Spider-cat has recovered from worse mistakes, but somehow I suspect Whitey would not have made this mistake in the first place.

At last!

Google Translate for Animals has been announced.

Finally, maybe we can get an explanation of all those audibles that Oscar calls at 6 AM.

(We still can't hear the meows in his or Whitey's head.)