Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lost in the Noise?

Poor Oscar.

First, this new kitten shows up and takes over the new cat (his!) suite.

Then the new guy takes most of our attention, not to mention he has the gall to chase Oscar around the house as an equal.

Now late this past week, Oscar has partially lost his voice. His piercing cry is now more a "waa" than a proper cat meow. We don't know why, but the vet says so long he's eating and drinking normally, don't worry about it. (I suspect he's been talking more than normal, quite a feat for him...)

Finally, this morning, Oscar jumped up on the bed to say good morning to me, and yup, that new guy was in Oscar's spot on my shoulder. Oscar slinked off like a jilted boyfriend. He did come back a few minutes later when the coast was clear, and get his wakeup head scratch then.

We're trying to keep all the feline overlords in mind here. However, it may be time to turn it up a notch for Oscar, who is the least secure of them.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Photo Extra: When a plan comes together

The new guy fits right in. He's been taking afternoon naps with Billy. Apparently being reasonably polite, too, since Billy has neither swatted him into next week nor gotten up and left.

Billy & Penwiper Napping Together.
We're very happy, since this is more or less exactly the outcome we hoped for.