Monday, May 30, 2011

Administrivia: Oh, bother

It would appear the software I used to move to the blog posts from MovableType to Blogger lost the author and used me as the writer for everything.  Annoying, but Katherine doesn't care much and I'm annoyed, not frantic about it.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Administrivia: A new place, new look, a new RSS feed?

For those of you (both of you) actually subscribed to this blog, please that note we've switched blog software and gone to a new address for it:   As side effect of the move and/or new software, we may have broken any RSS feed you had, in which case you will need to resubscribe using the new address.

The good news is the software is easier for us to use to post (note how we actually posted today!), faster for both us and our readers, and less maintenance for us as well.

(Not that it will be perfect, for example the service we are now using had a major outage in early May.  But I won't have to fix any issues.)

As always, report any problems to me,

p.s. This is actually a the most visible part of a major change for us, but I'll save the detailed description for posting in another blog on another day.

Photo Weekend Extra: The Flat Blue Kitty Warmer?

Whitey thought he found a new kitty warmer.

I don't have the heart to tell him that it is sitting unplugged on my desk because it's broken and it needs to be shipped out for service.

Office assistant kitty

Penwiper is a very helpful kitten. By sitting on my keyboard just once, he opened a search window and typed in new search terms for me. Unfortunately for him, he doesn't know how to spell "catnip" and got "ssssszzzzz" instead.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Oscar's Annual Vet Visit

Oscar really didn't enjoy his annual physical this year, which was on Friday.

In particular, his annual shots left him sore in both in both hips, every time he stood it was like watching him trying to get up with nearly paralyzed hind quarters.  Nor did we see him even try to move much for the first 24 hours.  Mostly, he hid under the bed, especially after Penwiper hopped up on the bed where Oscar was resting and tried to play.  Penwiper was told in no uncertain terms to go away.  (As was I when I later went to examine his feet.  That was one generally unhappy cat.)

Oscar's ghost routine included skipping two meals completely, even with room service.

Needless to say, we were relieved when he appeared for Saturday dinner, and by Sunday morning was hopping on the bed for the morning snuggle on my shoulder.

He's okay now, but it was a little scary.