Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hurt Feelings

I bad.

Oscar was being especially rambunctious this morning while we were folding laundry, and so I sent him to "jail" -- trapping him under a flipped laundry basket . (I've previously done this to Billy once in a while -- he would explore and then bust out with a cazilla paw under the edge.)

Billy then promptly hopped up on the basket, which meant Oscar wasn't getting out any time soon, or at least until Billy got bored (which wasn't long). Photos were taken.

But after Billy had jumped down, Oscar meowed. A very quiet and sad meow from shelter kitten who lives in a cage.

Oscar was immediately released from detention, and he hopped down and scooted under the bed, away from the evil cage. I left him there to calm down, now that it's been awhile I'll go see if he wants an ear scritched. But no forced retrieval, and certainly no more cages today for our junior tiger.

Update: The trauma has faded, Oscar was last seen asleep in the library cat tower.